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Our Gift of Thanks to You

In honour of International Women’s Day and to support your ongoing personal and professional development, SAP APJ and the SAP BWN APJ team, in collaboration with international leadership coach Jo Wagstaff, would like to invite you to participate in a unique learning experience as part of a 3-month professional development book club.

To participate all you need to do is purchase (below) a copy of Jo Wagstaff’s new book – Lead Like You: How Authenticity Transforms the Way Women Live, Love, and Succeed.

The Book Club will include coming together every three weeks for group coaching and Q&A and to create the structure, space, and support to work through all the stories, learnings, practices, reflections, and exercises in the book, while being able to ask questions and share experiences with each other. Our intention is also to facilitate circles of women supporting women across SAP APJ.

Melli O'Brien: Co-Founder of Mindfulness.com

Jo Wagstaff shows us a revolutionary new way of living, leading and working based on authenticity, wisdom and self-awareness.

Using cutting-edge, evidenced-based tools and practices and insightful stories and guidance, she shows us how to escape the trap of hustling, stressing, and burning ourselves out trying to prove our worth; and provides a clear path to a life of true success.

A life where we are able to achieve great things but more importantly also find meaning, purpose and deep satisfaction in life. The world is in need of this kind of wisdom. This is a book whose time has come.”

Melli O’Brien: Co-Founder of Mindfulness.com

Why Read Lead Like You?

“Profound. Transformational. An exceptionally important book for the women of our times.”
Melli O’Brien: Co-Founder of Mindfulness.com

It’s time to dismantle the illusion of societal expectations and external validation. It’s time to embrace our inherent worth as a woman and a leader.

Lead Like You is a roadmap for rediscovering the authentic you and a revolutionary new way to live, lead and succeed.

Through courageous stories, evidence-based practices and psychological insights, and sharing indispensable tools for forging a profound connection with — and caring for — the self. You will learn how you can lead your career and lead yourself with more purpose and inner power.

How authenticity transforms the way women live, love and succeed

Read Lead Like You to…

Understand and overcome the external and internal forces that limit your potential.

Increase your self-awareness and identify your motivations and deepest limiting assumptions and behaviours.

Achieve sustainable success while managing stress, guilt, exhaustion, self-doubt and burnout.

Forge authentic connections and healthier, more meaningful relationships in all areas of your life.

Discover the strength and power of mindfulness, self-care and self-compassion.

Create a more authentic, purposeful and fulfilling career and life.

Access and leverage the authentic feminine leadership advantage to make a difference within your organisation and the world.

Feel more confident, calm, and empowered as a female leader.

Lead Like You invites you to nurture and nourish yourself. It shows you how to find power in vulnerability and return to your true values and purpose.

With this book, you’ll be inspired to do the ‘inner work’—so you can redefine your vision for success and live and lead true to yourself.

  • What a Gift

    “What a gift Lead Like You is. Through Jo Wagstaff's story, guidance and insights, you feel seen, understood and held. But more than that - she shows you a path through the challenges, the glimmers of good on the other side and the gifts from lessons along the way.”

    Mel Ware Head of Brand and Marketing, Zurich Australia
  • Inspiration to Embrace all of Me

    Jo Wagstaff has managed to capture my attention like very few others with her real-life examples, mixed with her personal journey and experiences. I recognised myself in many of her stories and felt supported on my journey to live more true to my purpose. Lead Like You has allowed me to get more clarity on what I am about holistically and given me the strength and inspiration to embrace all of me”

    Peggy Renders Chief Customer Officer – Telstra Enterprise
  • Eat Pray Love of the Corporate World

    This book starts like an Eat Pray Love of the corporate world, but it takes you somewhere deeper and more practical. It offers teachings, wisdom, and guidance through one’s own history, upbringing, and present life so that we can be the very best version of ourselves.  I have to thank Jo Wagstaff for opening her heart and offering her story so that we can all learn how to be true to our authentic selves. Lead Like You is a must-read for anyone on a journey of self-discovery, be it career-orientated or not.

    Karen Taylor Chief Executive Officer, Hourigan International

Order your copy today and get your

Free Bonus Resources

With your purchase of Lead Like You, you will also receive the following bonus resources:

  1.  Guided mindfulness meditations to build your executive presence (5-minute, 10-minute, 15-minute).
  2.  A guided loving kindness metta meditation to enhance your relationships.
  3.  Three beautiful PDF worksheets to support you to:
    → Gain clarity on, and live in alignment with, your 5 Core Values
    → Define and live true to your Personal Purpose
    → Distil your career and life Vision

Free book resources

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Available from 13th March

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  • Singapore – Amazon.sg, Kinokuniya, Popular
  • Korea – Kyobo, Yes.24, Aladin
  • Thailand – Kinokuniya and Asia Books
  • Vietnam – Fahasa and Phuong Nam Bookstores
  • Malaysia – Kinokuniyq, MPH, Eslite and Tsutaya
  • Philippines – Fully Booked Bookstores

Come back once you have ordered your book. Give us your name, email and book order # in the form below, and we will automatically sign you up for the 3-month SAP APJ Professional Development Book Club (Save dates below).

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When you purchase a book & sign up for the Book Club you will also automatically go in the draw for a 6-month 1:1 Executive Coaching Program with Jo Wagstaff.


Please put these dates in your diary and calendar invitations will follow once numbers are finalised. Even if you can’t attend all sessions, we encourage you sign-up for the Book Club and attend the ones you can and share in this unique learning experience.

Time Live Virtual Events with Jo Wagstaff and your colleagues Pre-reading required prior to event
Thursday 11th April 60min Kick-off interactive keynote introductory session Preface and Introduction
Thursday 25th April 90min interactive Q&A and group coaching on ‘Know Yourself’ Chapters 1 to 4
Thursday 16th May 90min interactive Q&A and group coaching on ‘Care for Yourself’ Chapters 5 to 9
Thursday 6th June 90min interactive Q&A and group coaching on ‘Be Yourself’ Chapters 10-12 + exercises
Thursday 4th July 90min interactive Q&A and group coaching on ‘Be Yourself’ Chapters 13-15 plus final reflection

What will you learn?

Lead Like You invites you on a transformational inner journey to return to yourself and the life you want to lead.

This roadmap has been crafted in three parts…

Know yourself
An opportunity to deeply reflect on why it can be so hard to live and lead true to ourselves and what may be limiting you.
Care for yourself
Self-compassion, practical self-care and boundaries as the essential foundations for radical resiliency and inner confidence.
Be yourself
Gain clarity on your values, purpose and vision and the power of authenticity to transform how we live, love, lead and succeed.

Ultimately, this book offers a roadmap to help you explore your story and realise your worth.

It is about exploring the groundbreaking concept that true and sustainable success is not about working harder but about living and leading true to yourself – from the inside out, from a sense of wholeness.

This is the roadmap for the inner work of extraordinary sustainable leadership, not just in the office but in every facet of life.

Who is this book for?

Having coached thousands of women around the world who want to be successful in their chosen careers AND feel healthy, happy and fulfilled in their broader lives, I often hear these common themes described…

Spending a lot of time trying, striving, pleasing, and perfecting – like there is still something to prove. This book is for you.

Spending to much time feeling tired, guilty, stressed, and dissatisfied with yourself and your life – like it’s not really the life you imagined. This book is for you.

Finding it hard to slow down, stop and prioritise what is truly important to you. This book is for you.

Worrying about your kids – you don’t feel you have the time, energy, or space to be a ‘good enough’ mother. This book is for you.

You know you are heading toward burnout and need to take better care of yourself but can’t find the time. This book is for you.

You don’t remember when you last had a meaningful connection with your partner, when you weren’t tired or talking about work This book is for you.

You know you are not really living or leading true to yourself but are not even sure exactly what that would look like. This book is for you.

You want to feel more successful at work AND in the other parts of your life – to enjoy your life more This book is for you.

If you don’t want to look back and regret your life. This book is for you.

About the Author

Jo Wagstaff

Jo Wagstaff is an internationally renowned leadership coach and speaker. She has worked with many premier Australian and global firms to support thousands of professionals to embrace the power of conscious, authentic leadership—leading from within.

Jo spent nearly two decades in the financial services industry, including sitting at the executive table of one of Australia’s leading wealth management companies by the age of thirty.

Finding herself burned out from climbing the corporate ladder, she embarked on a deep transformational journey and discovered a roadmap to create a new way to live, love and succeed.

She has since worked with thousands of executives around the world to empower them to do the same. Read Lead Like You to reclaim your career and life.