Personal and Professional Empowerment

Are you ready to be true to yourself? In your Work. In your Life?

You may not want to be a leader. You may not be going through a career transition. You may be self-employed, an entrepreneur, or a mum or dad, who is just feeling stressed out, perhaps overwhelmed or simply dissatisfied, a little irritable, restless and discontent with your life.

Like something is missing or needs to change, but you don’t know what it is.

I have been there. I felt like that. I have felt like that in the height of a very successful corporate career, when I had it all. And I have felt like that when I was a single mum starting out in my own business. And what I learnt through my journey is, it’s an inside job.

No matter what I do or don’t have on the outside, how I feel about myself and my life is an inside job. I would love to support you to feel like you are really Thriving in your life. From the inside.

In an individually tailored, 3 month, 6month or 12 month transformational Coaching Program Jo will provide you with the framework, questions, exercises, practices, space, unconditional support and tools to empower you to;

  • Find and trust in your innate worth – Believe in yourself
  • Know yourself. Care for yourself. And be yourself
  • Feel more Confident. Calm and Connected. Within yourself and with others
  • Get clear on your Vision, Value, Strength & what brings meaning and purpose to your life
  • Define, focus in on and transform the areas that are holding you back from living to your highest potential. From thriving
  • Take responsibility and the necessary actions to create the life and future you want for yourself

Program structure

  • Fortnightly one-on-one coaching sessions
  • Weekly one-on-one support
  • 10 week Online Thrive Program – including 22 learning videos and resources to compliment your one-on-one coaching (women only)

Best suited for

  • Individuals wanting to grow personally and find more meaning in their ‘work’, life and relationships
  • Individuals who are feeling dissatisfied, stuck and/or stressed and overwhelmed with their life
  • Individuals wanting to feel more empowered in their own lives

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Working with Jo has been hugely beneficial for my both personal development and leadership skills.

Her style is nurturing and supportive and incredibly calming. While in this supported environment, she gently guided me through a process of self-discovery, helping me constructively work through a number of issues I was facing and map a future for my career. She armed me with a toolkit of techniques to feel prepared for any challenges that come my way. As a result of our time together, I believe I’m a more confident leader with stronger relationships with both my team and colleagues.”
Emily, Senior Executive Financial Services