Leadership Empowerment

Be the leader the world needs now.

Being a leader in an environment that is constantly changing and demanding more of you is not easy. Being a leader in an environment and culture that is outdated and full of unconscious bias, including our own, is incredibly challenging.

We are in another era of enormous change.. This is the era of Authentic Leadership. Of not only being the best leaders we can be but of being the leaders the world needs now. Knowing who you are. Living and leading in congruence and integrity with your strengths, values and purpose. Backing yourself and speaking up. Empowering others. We need to be the change we want to see in the world – this is the inner work. To support others to thrive, you need to thrive. At work. In life.

In an individually tailored, 3 month, 6month or 12 month transformational Coaching Program Jo will provide you with the framework, questions, exercises, practices, space, unconditional support and tools to empower you to;

  • Define, focus in on and transform the areas that are holding you back from living and leading to your highest potential. From thriving.
  • Get clear on your Vision, Value, Strengths & Purpose as a leader
  • Find and trust in your innate worth – Believe in yourself as a leader
  • Feel more Confident. Calm and Connected. Within yourself and with others
  • Feel more resilient and authentic
  • Speak up for what you believe in
  • Develop your Leadership Presence
  • Know yourself. Care for yourself. And Be Yourself.
  • Take responsibility for the life and future you wish to create for yourself and the environment you work in

Program structure

  • Fortnightly one-on-one coaching sessions
  • Weekly one-on-one support
  • 10 week Online Thrive Program – including 22 learning video’s and resources to compliment your one-on-one coaching (women only)
  • The Leadership Circle 360 (6 & 12 month Programs only)

Best suited for

  • Individuals wanting to live and lead to their highest potential. To be the leaders their business and the world needs now
  • Individuals wanting to more fully lead their own lives
  • Individuals wanting to become thought leaders

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I've worked with Jo as a business and leadership coach for almost a year and it's been so rewarding and so valuable.

On a professional level, she understands what’s required as an executive to navigate interpersonal relationships, achieve objectives in a fast-paced corporate environment, and more. She gets it because she’s been there, and that’s invaluable. But where her guidance and advice really kicks in is at the personal level. To bring your whole self to work, to perform at your best, you have to address what’s really going on in your head and more importantly, your heart. You’ll get the most out of coaching if you open up, expose yourself, be vulnerable, and tell the truth – your truth. With Jo’s guidance, honesty and compassion, you’ll go to all the places that will make a difference. I highly recommend her services. She’s golden.”
Allyson, Chief Customer Officer