Career Transition

The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.

Eleanor Roosevelt

I remember the day I knew something had to change.
That I was no longer in a role or career that aligned with who I wanted to be. With how I wanted to live my life. But that was about all I knew. Just that I wanted to do something different.

From then to now – building a new successful career and business and creating a life that I thought was only a dream – has been one hell of a journey. And definitely not an easy or linear one.

The one thing I would have loved was to have someone next to me who had been on that journey themselves, who could support me in one of the biggest and most challenging journey’s there is. To live a life true to yourself. You shouldn’t have to do that alone. So don’t!

In an individually tailored, 3 month, 6month or 12 month transformational Coaching Program Jo will provide you with the framework, questions, exercises, practices, space, tools and unconditional support to empower you to;

  • Get clear on your Vision, Value, Strengths & what brings meaning and purpose to your life.
  • Find your next chapter – take responsibility for and take the actions needed to create the career, life and future you wish for yourself.
  • Define, focus in on and transform the areas that are holding you back from living to your highest potential. From thriving.
  • Feel more Confident. Calm and Connected. Within yourself and with others as you move through this transitional phase of your life.
  • Find and trust in your innate worth – Believe in yourself.
  • Know yourself. Care for yourself. And Be Yourself.

Program structure

  • Fortnightly one-on-one coaching sessions
  • Weekly one-on-one support
  • 10 week Online Thrive Program – including 22 learning videos and resources to compliment your one-on-one coaching (women only)

Best suited for

  • Individuals going through a significant career change
  • Individuals transitioning from a corporate role to their own business, an entrepreneurial endeavour or portfolio career
  • Individuals returning to work after a break

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As a corporate leader, mother, wife, amateur athlete and daughter the demands on my time were relentless and challenging to balance.

Working together with Jo created a safe and professional space for me to reflect and prioritise both my professional and personal goals. More importantly Jo taught me the skills to keep revising those goals and to seek out others who inspire and motivate me and who share similar values. As a result I feel braver and more confident as I make decisions in relation to my goals. Over the years my goals have shifted from running marathons to building high performing legal teams to now building financial products part time so that I can be there as a dance and soccer Mum for my family. This goal will probably also change again and I realise that is ok too; We don’t need to do it all at once.”
Alison, Senior Corporate Lawyer