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Authentic Woman Online Corporate Wellbeing Program

The online Authentic Woman Program to Know Yourself, Care for Yourself and Be Yourself.

We offer a powerful and unique online, on-demand Program to Support and Empower all Women in your organization to feel Confident, Calm and Connected. To Thrive.

This program is designed to support the wellbeing of women in and out of the workplace. It is about supporting their inner journey of personal and professional growth. While the examples and stories are different, the online program shares the same core foundations, practices and learning as the face-to-face Authentic Leadership Program.

Many organisations will use the Face-to-Face Authentic Leadership Program for their senior female leaders, and then rollout the Online Program across the rest of their females staff, with optional Group Online Coaching. This supports consistency of training, language and ease of reach across levels, divisions and geographies.

Our Online Authentic Woman program offers you the opportunity to support all of your female staff to feel more Confident, Calm and Connected. To Thrive.

What’s included

  • This 10-week program includes
  • 22 video learning sessions
  • Resources for each learning session
  • Regular inspiration emails
  • Exclusive membership to the Authentic Woman private Facebook group for support
  • Written and audio course material
  • Fortnightly group coaching to facilitate questions, group discussion and sharing specific to the online sessions they have watched.

The group coaching sessions (via Zoom or Skype) support your participants to bring all they learn into the workplace and to create ongoing women’s mentoring circles.


The online Authentic Woman program empowers women to feel more confident, calm and connected. To thrive in today’s complex and ever-changing corporate environment. Organisations look to the online Authentic Woman program to empower their female staff to improve their:

  • Self-Awareness
  • Compassion for self and others
  • Confidence and Calmness
  • Authenticity
  • Leadership Presence
  • Connection and Collaboration
  • Resiliency
  • Overall wellbeing

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Working with Jo has been hugely beneficial for my both personal development and leadership skills.

Her style is nurturing and supportive and incredibly calming. While in this supported environment, she gently guided me through a process of self-discovery, helping me constructively work through a number of issues I was facing and map a future for my career. She armed me with a toolkit of techniques to feel prepared for any challenges that come my way. As a result of our time together, I believe I’m a more confident leader with stronger relationships with both my team and colleagues.”
Emily, Senior Executive Financial Services