Cultivating self-awareness, self-compassion and authenticity to transform our lives and organisations for the benefit of all those we lead and for all humanity.

Leadership Empowerment Coaching Program

For female leaders wanting to live and lead to their highest potential. To feel more confident, calm and connected as an authentic leader. To become the female leaders the world needs now. To Thrive.

Career Transition
Coaching Program

For men and women wanting to make a career change. Typically, either transitioning from a corporate role to their own business, an entrepreneurial endeavour or portfolio career or returning to work after a break.

Personal Empowerment Coaching Program

For men and women wanting to grow personally and find more meaning in their life and relationships. Often people who feel stuck, stressed or dissatisfied with their life. For those who want to Thrive.


Let’s give people the tools to thrive at work. We offer Google’s Search Inside Yourself Program, the Authentic Leadership Program for Women and the Authentic Woman Online Corporate Wellbeing Program.

Authentic Woman Online Program.

The Authentic Woman Online Program is a unique online training course to know yourself, care for yourself and be yourself. It’s for women looking for empowerment, motivation and a step-by-step path for change towards more inner confidence, calm and connection. To thrive.

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Coaching with Jo literally changed my life. She helped me better understand my strengths, my impact and myself.

She also helped me channel that into how I approach challenges both professionally and personally. As a result of coaching with Jo, I feel I have grown as a leader and know myself better. I am more resilient in the face of change and challenge. And I have been better placed to take advantage of opportunities and I have achieved far more than I thought possible!”
Melanie, Senior Executive, Financial Services