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Authentic Woman Leadership Program

Join the internationally renowned group program for women, with a proven method to revolutionise your career, leadership, and life.

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  • Changed My Life

    Working with Jo literally changed my life. I am more resilient in the face of change and challenge and have achieved far more as a leader than I thought possible.

    Melanie Ware Head of Marketing & Brand, Zurich Australia & New Zealand
  • Tremendous Impact

    A tremendous impact on my career and confidence as a leader.

    Nicole Mathias-Browne Chief Marketing Officer, Mercer
  • Huge Turning Point

    Jo is an exceptional coach, and working with her led to a huge turning point in my life. Not only in my leadership but in ensuring I live up to my purpose at home and at work.

    Gina McNamara Regional Chief Financial Officer, Asia Pacific Japan, SAP
  • Profound and Informative

    I can honestly say this has been one of the most profound and informative experiences of not only my career but my personal journey as well. I don’t believe I would have ever uncovered this about myself had I not gone through this journey.

    Vanessa Zeitzen Solution Advisor

Join me

and other like-minded professional women, as we navigate the complexities of these incredibly demanding lives we are living. And, learn a new way to live, love, lead and succeed.

One that is sustainable, nourishing, fulfilling (even fun!).

One that does not lead to increased stress, guilt, self-doubt, overwhelm and living on the edge of burnout.

One that actually empowers us to have both a successful and meaningful career – to be an inspiring, influential purpose-led leader – AND be a calm, present, fun and grateful mother and partner.

One that empowers you to look after your own wellbeing – physically, mentally, emotionally. And enables you to be your own best friend and cheer squad!

This program will give you ALL of the tools you need
to create a new way to live, lead and succeed.

And perhaps even more importantly, the support to finally commit to yourself and the life you want to be living. For you, your team and your family.

Before I tell you about the program

let me share who it is for…

This Program is for ambitious women who want to be, or who already are, leaders in their organisation, but are tired of:

  • not looking after their own health and executive wellbeing
  • not feeling like they have enough time and energy for their family
  • not having more fun and joy in their lives
  • the internal and external pressure they constantly feel
  • not consistently showing up the way they want to – at work and at home
  • doubting themselves and often feeling like they are letting others down
  • feeling guilty, overwhelmed, stressed, exhausted and dissatisfied with their lives
  • not living and leading true to themselves

By the end of the program, you will


Gain clarity on
what’s limiting you

in your leadership and life and how to change this


Put the core
foundations in place

to build sustainable success, in all areas of your life


Feel more calm and confident

and connected to your
innate inner power


Define work life

on your terms, without sacrificing your success at work and fall back in love again with your work and life


Create the life
you want to live

and lead from a place of authenticity and purpose


Gain the tools, practices
and roadmap

to become an extraordinary and inspiring leader – to feel fulfilled and make a difference in the world


Our work together has change my life. You taught me so much about myself and helped me understand who I am, even though I thought I knew myself well.

You helped me to be the best version of myself – to be more authentic and real. To strengthen my strengths, to understand my weaknesses and where they come from – and to see the benefit of behaviours that are underneath them. My confidence in who I am as a person is steady and strong. 

Now I know who I am, and I like who I am. I am comfortable in my own skin. I don’t need to change for others. I am enough. I do not need to settle for how things are, but to look actively for opportunities for growth and change to make things better for myself (and which is ultimately better for those around me). I set boundaries and hold to them – showing respect for others, but ultimately also for myself. It has helped me achieve real balance. I still battle with personal struggles – but with self-care, I am completely ok. I love that.”

Susan mcaffe: head of customer engagement support, apj

Here’s what’s included


8 Learning

Released once a week for 8 weeks to guide you through this transformational method.


Weekly Live Group
Coaching and Q&A

With internationally renowned leadership coach Jo Wagstaff.



To all the learning modules so you can revisit it when you need to top up.


Your own
‘accountability buddy’

Someone to share this journey with.


Assessment Tool

Gain clarity on your go-to reactive Coping Strategy and the underlying assumptions and beliefs limiting you.


A Clear Roadmap

For living and leading true to yourself.

The world needs more female leaders and you deserve a seat at the table – and both a fulfilling and purposeful career and life.

group coaching

Within your organisation

Interested in having Jo run this group coaching program or one of our other Programs within your organisation?

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Working directly with Jo

Working directly with Jo

Jo works with a limited amount of women each year, providing one-on-one leadership coaching, as well as running small group face-to-face women’s leadership retreats.

Reach out to our team to learn more

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