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Leading and Living with Courageous Authenticity

Authentic Woman – How to live, lead and succeed true to yourself

(Female audience)

In an era where constant change is the norm, many professional women find themselves longing for something more—a change within us, our work, and our surroundings. Living with the relentless demands of a world that never stops asking for more, we often strive to silence the nagging voice of dissatisfaction. Endlessly toiling to prove our worth, we exhaust ourselves in pursuit of an elusive ideal, yearning for ‘success’ while often drowning in stress, guilt, self-doubt, and burnout.

But the key to true transformation, radical resiliency and deep fulfilment lies within, learning to know ourselves, care for ourselves and be ourselves, at work and in life.

Prepare to embark on a remarkable journey as renowned leadership coach Jo Wagstaff, drawing from the depths of her personal memoir, her studies in psychotherapy, and years of coaching professional women, presents a transformational roadmap to redefine success and create a life that resonates with authenticity. Through courageous anecdotes, evidence-based practices, psychological research, and indispensable tools, the audience will forge a new and profound connection with themselves—both in the workplace and in life.

Search Inside Yourself

Search Inside Yourself – Born at Google. Based on Brain-science.

(Mixed audience)

We live and lead in a VUCA (Volatile. Uncertain. Complex. Ambiguous.) world.

Greater complexity outside requires greater clarity inside. Effective leadership isn’t about just checking off more tasks. It isn’t about command and control. It’s defined by how well we manage our minds and emotions to interact and influence others. We need to be flexible and have a clear purpose in the face of complexity. We need balance, insight and the ability to inspire others.

We all want a workplace where people thrive, but how can we make this a reality?

By leading from within. Born at Google and based on brain science. SIY uses the practices of mindfulness to train emotional intelligence skills, leading to outstanding leadership, stellar performance and strong sense of wellbeing. In the midst of complexity, it’s about finding the inner capacity to create, to thrive, to lead.

Backed by some of the world’s leading experts in neuroscience and mindfulness, this SIY Keynote gives you an interactive taster of the SIY Program that is changing thousands of live all over the world.

Mindful Leadership

Join the mindful revolution

(Mixed audience)

What do self-awareness, compassion, wisdom and courageous authenticity have in common?

They are all characteristics of the new wave in business and leadership, part of the mindful ‘revolution’.

But what does this mean?

CEOs and senior executives around the globe have ‘come out’ – letting us in on how they have become more mindful & authentic leaders.

‘Mindful Leadership’ is one of the most powerful approach to unleashing productivity, performance and innovation. Even the World Economic Forum held over 25 sold-out sessions on the power of mindfulness.

Mindfulness empowers us to slow down and create the space to lead from our inner wisdom, to trust and believe in ourselves and to show up to work and life fully connected to our own inner strength and with courageous authenticity.

An enlightening and highly engaging talk filled with stories, valuable insights, take-outs and tools to help us embrace our innate strengths and become more courageously authentic and mindful executives and leaders.


The Art of Difficult Conversations

(Mixed audience)

Difficult conversations are one of the most fertile grounds to develop and practice our emotional intelligence.

Using a simple five-step model we will work through identifying the content, feelings and identity issues involved with both approaching and conducting a difficult conversation.

This session will arm you with the framework, tools and confidence to navigate difficult conversations, whether that be with clients, colleagues or in your personal life.

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