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Firstly, thank you.

Thank you for joining a community of over 70,000 women passionate about living and leading true to ourselves. And thank you for choosing to read my book and with it, accepting an invitation to explore a revolutionary new way to live, love, lead and succeed.

This is the story of me realising my intrinsic worth. Of learning I am enough. You are enough. We are enough. Just as we are.

My sincere hope is that you will find meaning in my story and the story of many other women and that they support you to find your own authentic voice, your value, radical resiliency and both fulfilment and meaning as a woman in the workplace and in life.

As you make your way through Lead Like You: How Authenticity Transforms the Way Women Live, Love and Succeed, these bonus resources will support you to Know Yourself, Care for Yourself and Be Yourself and ultimately revolutionise how you live and lead your life.


1. Three Guided Breath Meditations

As you read in Lead Like You, meditation will support you to calm your mind, check-in with yourself and build your executive presence.

Just like exercise takes consistent practice to build our core muscles and strength, meditation enables us to build our muscle and inner strength to be present in our lives – with our family, friends and colleagues.

My suggestion is you start small. It’s the consistency that is most important while we learn. Start with 5 minutes every day, ideally around the same time. Do it for a month and then build to 10 minutes for another month and eventually for 15 minutes or more. If you are new to meditation here is a ‘how to’ workbook to guide you through, including some great short videos.

Download 5 minute meditation

10 minute meditation

Download 15 minute meditation

Need help downloading? Click here to learn how to download and listen on your devices

2. Guided 7 minute Loving Kindness
‘Metta’ Meditation

loving kindness meditation

In Chapter 7 of  Lead Like You,  there are a number of studies showing that a regular Loving Kindness Meditation can change the structure of our brain to modulate our amygdala, as well as lower reactions to inflammation and distress and boost positive emotions and wellbeing in life.

Download 7 minute Loving Kindness meditation

3. Your Values

your values

In Chapter 11 of Lead Like You, I invite you to walk through a process to define your 5 core values. Download this worksheet, which includes a long list of potential values and some additional reflections to support this process, and you can keep a beautiful copy to come back to check-in and ensure you are living in alignment with your values.

4. Your Personal Purpose

your purpose

In Chapter 11 of Lead Like You I invite you to undertake an exercise to gain clarity of your personal purpose. Download this beautiful worksheet to support this process and keep a copy to remind you of what is truly important to you.

5. Your Life and Leadership Vision

your life

In Chapter 12 of Lead Like You I invite you to envision both your life and leadership vision. Download this beautiful worksheet to support this process and keep a copy to read and reflect on regularly.

What’s Next?

An 8 week Cutting-Edge Virtual Group Leadership Coaching Program for Women

While Lead Like You will provide you with the roadmap to revolutionise how you live, love, lead and succeed, in my own experience and working with thousands of other women, inner transformation is not easy, especially on our own.

If you are looking for additional structure, support, and a group of like-minded women, with me as your guide and coach, come and join our signature 8-week transformational leadership program for female leaders and aspiring leaders.

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How to download your meditations

Below you’ll find instructions to guide you through downloading your meditations to your computer, adding the album to your mobile Apple devices, Android devices and more. Alternatively you can bookmark this page and stream it from here.

Iphone/Ipad/Ipod Users

You are on a computer and want to add these meditations to your Music library so you can listen to the album on your iPhone / iPad / iPod.

  1. On your computer, click the ‘download track’ button under each meditation.
  2. Wait until the file has fully downloaded, then locate the file on your computer. Note: To find the file, press either the Windows key or open a Finder window, then start typing the name of the meditations.
  3. Open Music (formerly known as iTunes). Make sure it is up to date; it will typically prompt you to update if it isn’t.
  4. Go to File > Import, and select the .mp3s files(s) you’ve downloaded.
  5. Note: If you have Cloud Music Library enabled on your mobile device(s), the following steps are not necessary as your library is stored in your iCloud.
  6. Connect your device to your computer. Use a USB cable or Wi-Fi sync.
  7. Open a Finder window, then click on the name of your device in the left hand panel.
  8. Select the Music tab, and sync.
  9. Once the sync has completed, eject your phone by clicking the eject icon beside the name of your device in the Finder Window.
  10. Check that the meditation has synced to your phone by going to your Music app and checking to see if the meditation is there.

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If you are trying to play on a laptop or computer, and if so, what operating system (Mac or PC) you are using and the browser (Chrome, Firefox, Safari – and the version if you can)