About Jo Wagstaff

Hi, I’m Jo

I used to refer to myself as being too hippie for the corporate world and too corporate for the hippie world, but now I understand that we can be both or neither, it’s about learning to be fully ourselves no matter what world we are in.

To live and lead true to ourselves in all aspects of our lives.

If we have not already met, you might like to know that I once had a super ‘successful’ corporate career in the financial services industry. By the age of 30, I was sitting at the executive table of Australia’s leading wealth management organisation, Colonial First State (CFS), where I was responsible for growing and developing a team of over 150 people and a $40m budget across Brand, Marketing, Product and Client Services. I was then poached to join my CEO and a select group of executives to move to the then Packer owned, Challenger Financial Services Group to turn around and grow a Top 200 listed wealth management business. Here my team and I unwound and rebuilt the brand, product suite, client servicing and cultural elements of the business.

I understand the demands on you and the pressure you are under.

I loved my career, AND the way I did it, cost me a lot. I found myself burnt out from climbing the corporate ladder, my marriage ended, my dad died, and I didn’t feel like I was a ‘good enough’ mother to my then-young son. Eventually, I stopped and embarked on a deep transformational journey to dismantle the shackles of societal expectations and past conditioning, understand my deepest motivations, overcome my limitations, and re-create a new way to live, love and succeed.

After experiencing this journey, and then creating a purpose-led seven figure business, I have working with many premier Australian and global companies, and entrepreneurs, empowering thousands of executives to both succeed in their chosen careers and thrive in their lives, including recently writing a book. With my career experience, my study in somatic psychotherapy, a Search Inside Yourself Accredited teacher and my Institute of Executive Coaching and Leadership credentials, I am often told I have the curiosity, deep care, and toolbox of an exceptional coach, mentor, and speaker.

And when I am not working with my clients, empowering them to transform their leadership and lives, and become more authentic and conscious leaders, you will find me with the people I love in the places I love.

My happy place, where I go to rest and restore, is the beach. With my dogs.

My happy place, where I go to rest and restore, is the beach. With my dogs

Hanging with my girlfriends – nothing nourishes my heart and soul like laughter and connection with my girlfriends.

My husband and I start every morning meditating, walking on the beach and having a swim in the ocean (even when it’s cold!) as a way of connecting and setting ourselves up for the day. And I love to laze on the beach, one I eye on my book and the other watching him surf.

It’s also where I most enjoy hanging with my son.

Slowly, gently, imperfectly I have created a revolutionary new way to live, love, lead and succeed, from the inside.

Let me show you how to create your own unique version of living and leading

true to yourself…