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A revolutionary new way to live, lead and succeed.

Discover the key to true transformation, radical resiliency, and deep fulfilment at work and in life.


Living with the relentless demands of a world that never stops asking for more, we often exhaust ourselves in pursuit of elusive ideals, striving to prove our worth. We give everything in search of ‘success’ while struggling with stress, guilt, self-doubt, and burnout. It’s time to dismantle the illusion of societal expectations.

It’s time to embrace your inherent worth as a woman and a leader.

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FREE MINI WORKSHOP: Discover Your ‘Go-To’ Reactive Coping Strategy

Free Mini Workshop

Discover Your ‘Go-To’ Reactive Coping Strategy

Identify what is holding you back from being an authentic, purposeful leader with a fulfilling career and life – and what you can do about it.

Imagine a world where success isn’t about
the relentless grind

But about leading with joy, vitality and authenticity. Where success is not gauged by how much we can endure but by how confidently and passionately we can steer our lives in alignment with our true selves, true balance and making a difference in the world.

Is the price you’re paying in striving for your ‘Success’ worth it?

Allow me to show you how to…

  • Understand and overcome the external and internal forces that limit your potential.
  • Increase your self-awareness and identify your motivations and deepest limiting assumptions and behaviours.
  • Achieve sustainable success while managing stress, guilt, exhaustion, self-doubt and burnout.
  • Forge authentic connections and healthier, more meaningful relationships in all areas of your life.
  • Discover the strength and power of mindfulness, self-care and self-compassion.
  • Create a more authentic, purposeful and fulfilling career and life.
  • Access and leverage the authentic feminine leadership advantage to make a difference within your organisation and the world.
  • Feel more confident, calm, and empowered as a female leader.

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My new book

How authenticity transforms the way women live, love and succeed

Learn how authenticity transforms the way women live, love and succeed.

“Profound. Transformational. An exceptionally important book for the women of our times.”

Melli O’Brien: Co-Founder of

Leadership Coaching

Lead Like You Coaching: A Cutting-Edge Group Leadership Coaching Program for Women

A Cutting-Edge Group Leadership Coaching Program for Women

“This program has changed my life.  It provided me with clarity of purpose and how I can bring this to living the most meaningful life at home and at work.”

Hena Di Petta, Delivery Executive

Free Mini-Workshop

Discover Your ‘Go-To’ Reactive Coping Strategy

Discover Your ‘Go-To’ Reactive Coping Strategy

“For the first time, I have really understood myself, why I react a certain way and what is underneath my behaviours, and this is really teaching me to do things differently.”


  • Changed My Life

    Working with Jo literally changed my life. I am more resilient in the face of change and challenge and have achieved far more as a leader than I thought possible.

    Melanie Ware Head of Marketing & Brand, Zurich Australia & New Zealand
  • Tremendous Impact

    A tremendous impact on my career and confidence as a leader.

    Nicole Mathias-Browne Chief Marketing Officer, Mercer
  • Huge Turning Point

    Jo is an exceptional coach, and working with her led to a huge turning point in my life. Not only in my leadership but in ensuring I live up to my purpose at home and at work.

    Gina McNamara Regional Chief Financial Officer, Asia Pacific Japan, SAP
  • Profound and Informative

    I can honestly say this has been one of the most profound and informative experiences of not only my career but my personal journey as well. I don’t believe I would have ever uncovered this about myself had I not gone through this journey.

    Vanessa Zeitzen Solution Advisor

Ultimately, through the ‘inner work,’ I will help you take back your time and energy and achieve sustainable results in your career and life.

All with more ease and grace!

Jo Wagstaff

Hi, I’m Jo

By the age of 30, I was sitting at the executive table of Australia’s leading wealth management organisation, responsible for growing and developing a team of over 150 people and a $40m budget across Brand, Marketing, Product and Client Services.

I thought I ‘had it all’. But in reality, I was burnt out and barely surviving. I was living the life I thought others expected of me rather than living and leading true to myself.

Having transformed my own life from the inside out, I have now guided thousands of women to do the same as an author, speaker and international leadership coach.

Learn your ‘go-to’ Reactive
Coping Strategy
Identify what is holding you back from being an authentic, purposeful leader and a fulfilling career and life—and what you can do about it!
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