In an era where constant change is the norm, many professional women find themselves longing for something more – a change within us, our work, and our surroundings.

Living with the relentless demands of a world that never stops asking for more, we often strive to silence the nagging voice of dissatisfaction. Endlessly toiling to prove our worth, we exhaust ourselves in pursuit of an elusive ideal, yearning for ‘success’ while often drowning in stress, guilt, self-doubt, and burnout.

For you

We empower professional women to live and lead true to themselves and the life they desire – to avoid burn-out, overload and self-doubt and have a successful, sustainable and fulfilling career, without sacrificing themselves and what is important to them. To feel more Authentic, Confident, Calm and Connected. To live, lead & succeed true to yourself.

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Hi, I’m Jo

By the time I was 30 I was sitting at the executive table of one of Australia’s leading wealth management organisations and ‘had it all’. But in hindsight I was not thriving and I embarked on a journey to find a new way to live, lead and succeed.

Having transformed my own life from the inside out, I have now guided thousands of women to do the same, as an executive coach, speaker and international leadership consultant. Step by step, dismantling the shackles of societal expectations and our conditioning, understanding our own motivations and overcoming the limitations that can stifle our aspirations. Within this uncovering a fresh path towards a vibrant existence, and a new way of being—one that reverberates within our souls, our relationships, our work, and our lives. One where we live, lead and succeed true to ourselves.

Let me support and empower you on your journey

To thrive

As a professional women.

You don’t need to do it alone.

You’re not meant to do it alone.

Let us support and empower you on your journey.

Coaching with Jo literally changed my life. I have achieved far more than I thought possible.” Melanie

As well as working with individuals we work with many local and global companies to develop their female talent.

We can support you or your organisation to thrive