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2018 is the Year of the Woman.
Let’s join the movement to support women to speak up and out.

To believe in ourselves
To step fully into our power.

This is not easy.
We are talking about trying to transform a deeply ingrained and now more subtle (yet equally powerful) patriarchal culture.
We are dealing with long-term unconscious patterns and biases.
Our own and the men we work and live with.

This is not about making men wrong.
It’s hard and confusing for many of them too.

It’s about knowing ourselves. Our own patterns. When and why we can be complicit in our silence, in our own denial.

How we speak up and out is important.
To be heard we need to be grounded in our truth, in our power, in our strong feminine.

We need to hold boundaries.

We need to know ourselves. Care for Ourselves. And Be ourselves.

And yes, we are likely to piss some people off on the way through. As we call out old behaviours and unconscious biases, it will feel threatening.
To them and to us.
We will threaten a culture that feels ‘normal’ for many of us.

We need to learn to accept we may not always be liked.
God forbid, for many of us, that is not an easy thing.
We will not be able to please everyone if we want to be true to ourselves, if we want to be true to each other, if we want to be true to change.

Change can only happen collectively. When each and every one of us to take up the mantel to role model the change we want to see in the world.
Role modelling to our husbands, our sons, our daughters, our colleagues.

Let’s’ find ways to inspire, support and empower each other to Thrive. We were not meant to do this alone. And it is so much easier to do it together. So let’s.
It’s time!

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More than ever it is important to remember who we are.

Glennon Doyle Melton